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Marketing Services Overview

New Splash Marketing Agency.

We have been residents of the fabulous Fraser Coast since 2013, commuting to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, China, Dubai and Malaysia, keeping a relatively low profile in that time. 

Wide Bay is the perfect place to set up a Marketing Agency in 2019, we can jump onto a plane to go anywhere, and be in Sydney or Melbourne in just a few hours using direct flights.  

We look forward to supporting this region and being an ardent champion of the environment. Splash retains our Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane presence,   with offices in most key cities of the world to use as we need. It's an exciting modern world.

Marketing Portfolio

We have the experience of assisting the launch of more than 2,000 products and services throughout Australia and the World.

 encompasses the full cycle of product concept to consumer.  Its' function, if used correctly, is to maximize profits through smart promotion and cost savings in every facet of the product process, be it manufacture, promotion and even logistics.

Marketing has a number of specialist off-shoots which can be employed as individual Services. Some of these services will be outsourced to experts. 

  • Product Development:   This encompasses everything from product manufacture, packaging design to distribution.
  • Media Marketing:  Graphics and Words for Advertising - TV, Newspaper & Brochures 
  • Sales Promotion  Direct Selling & Retail Promotion
  • Digital Marketing
    • Websites and Shopping Carts Design
    • SEO Internet Marketing
    • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing Technology Installation and Training of popular Contact Management and Website Software.

Service Options:

  • Pick Our Brains ... sometimes all an organisation needs is someone to toss around a few ideas, get some feed back, access a few more suggestions to gauge that the organisation is on the right track, and not heading for a costly hit and miss fiasco.  We charge by the hour for this service and optionally write a report on our opinions and suggestions ... it's not a cheap service but this investment could save you a fortune and potential failure!
  • A Marketing Plan  ... hiring a full time marketing professional is expensive, and often not necessary. We give you access to the knowledge and experience as you need it, which includes devising any Marketing Business Plans, assisting implementation by overseeing operations, on a long or shorter term basis.
  • Campaign Development and Management ... we handle what you need on a campaign or job basis.  We quote you in advance so you know what you are paying for.
  • In-house Marketing Technology ...  we offer installation and/or training for popular Marketing Software including Contact Management Systems and Website Programs
  • Promotion Staff ... we can pull together a local team to conduct instore and on-site sales promotions.

  • Web Design and SEO  A great website that can be found by your customers in any region of the world you want, supported by Social Media Marketing.  Splash can optionally develop and maintain your Digital Marketing on our premises or train your operatives to handle this in-house
  • Direct Marketing (CMS)  A targetted, personalised relationship with new prospects and past clients is still the most effective method of gaining and retaining customers.  CMS Software is used to house an updated database to conduct campaigns via snail mail, email and/or telephone calls, to update, inform and generate leads.  Splash can optionally handle these functions as an Agency on a project by project basis, or set up your in-house environment and training your staff.
  • Marketing Partners  We welcome opportunities to develop and market products and services, and can in some cases negotiate a percentage of profits in exchange for the partnership.  We are particularly interested in supporting new innovations, environmentally beneficial products, and products that can be sold into China, Asia and Middle East.

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