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Here are some interesting rotating links from the general media ...

These links do have interesting topics, but what is more interesting is they all contain a relatively old, but new again form of Black Hat SEO Spam, see if you can spot the Grot:  

Hint  - you are looking for websites that rotate their website address or images across multiple IP addresses ...   you may even find some good old fashioned Video Code Spam, Java Script SpamCloaking, Frame SpamRound Robin Rotating IP's and other stuff.  

Now remember it is not illegal to link to a website, just bad manners, unless spamming links,  but in the case of these guys, it's the only way to hang onto your ranking from the index thieves.  

This technique pretty much controls the web in many industries at the moment and is the work of just a few  who unfortunately are worth Trillions ....  if you have the IP Tool from IPUTILITIES.com you will see the bad behaviour in realtime, though some are redirecting websites, or spoofing the ip address, so what you see may not be the truth.

I am a little tired of chasing their ips, so this page is noindex/follow

Activist Report   A good underground solution for when Planet X arrives

San Francisco Man prepares    Good idea for mates who need shelter

Refugee Accommodation   I guess when you are a refugee anything is better than nothing  unless it has Asbestos in the walls

Homeless in Calais    Do it themselves Fabric Shacks  But this does make me sick to see those who use the homeless shelter in keyword spamming

Homeless in Calais    Containers for shelter How Lovely

Under Ground Shelters another idea for containers by Tree Hugging Individuals

The Most Famous Hangar S of them All

Wikipedia explanation of Container Architecture Here

Refugees from Iraq with children in container  Sad Report seen on splashnews

How To Make A Cargo Shelter Interesting Link

Warning don't bury Containers for safety - Dangerous

Lovely story about the amazing fabric structures in Melbourne 

Shopping Cart Spam in protected high end media sites

This is the Best Spam Site I have ever seen, it's really stylish ... and I had to look twice ... but it's not possible to order ... funny that

Bogus Ad Site I never authorised it, this one too

Seems like Dynamic Spam is Back too! Or is it?

Hong Kong Not Afraid! Matilda maybe.  But where did it go?

Round Robinsons

camedowninshower.png18th July Post I call these the Round Robinsons ... because they use a more recent Black Hat nuisance of rotating the website across a variety of IP Addresses ... (you will need TCPIPUTILS.com the browser tool to see this in action. I also use atinybigidea and yougetsignal.com tools to confirm the site has not coded any spoofing - more about this later).  

The legitimate purpose for this technique was once (when we were all on Dial Up -  likely before you were born) to assist a heavy bandwidth issue for a website,  it was permitted to spread itself across a number of addresses to cope with the visitation ... but nowadays we deal in gigs and terras of bandwidth and the only sites that now need this technique are emergency news sites or local disaster announcement sites (cyclones, hurricanes, earthquakes, war etc) ...   it's not necessary to use this to dodge Bots either, because we have Brut Force and IP Blocking Tools (which work if no spoofing).

Sites listed have minimal visitation and are just using the technique to hide their vast linking among related sites to push themselves up and push other websites down ...  you will start to see the pattern and witness the same creators,  who are all under the watchful eye of the Internet Police.  There is a disturbing mafia trend of this behavior showing up in some pretty wealthy Organisations ... 
  1. The name of this site caught my attention because there is not a Clear Span Shelter on the website - and wow, it seems they pay you to buy their products!  Spoofer
  2. This blog is immunised by Google Adwords and they've started using code to hide their IP switching  ... I reckon there are Aliens on our planet, they hang out here,  what they come up is beyond me.  
  3. Catch it while you can! This site has 4 IP's and a good tall story.
  4. There are many benefits in rotating images particularly if they are located on another strong site that can pull you right up the index.
  5. Some organisation that has been on target for decades if they only know how they were grabbing the index
  6. Amazon gnaws again with one of many hundreds of these Round Robin Sites ... 
  7. India's into it as well for another Big Shelter Company
  8. Lovely Loops by this rotating too obviously site ... 
  9. Mama Mia ... here we go again!
  10. Elaborate musical attempt to block one of our services ... bad luck buds

Gang Spammers

Pirates still exist in the modern world ... only they now wear suits and drive a mouse ... some of them still remain in the shipping industry too!  They have really embraced the internet as a scam tool and have a wide network of gang spamming their competition of the search engines. 

Some have developed or employed link heavy classified ad and news sites to assist them in their control of the search engines.

3 Groups of Gang Spammers affect Splash ...   I shan't name names here, as that is being tracked and handled by the Internet Police.   They are however all in the portable building industry, with interest in fabric structures and container structures.   They reside in Australia, UK,  China (Hong Kong)  and USA.

The Enquiry Spammers:   They group together to send hundreds of bogus emails and social media enquiries ... they make sure they are complicated and time consuming.  It's possible a central source is doing this on their behalf.

Gumtree Spammers  Reported regularly but unable to stop it, probably because the Search Engines are unable to  ...  a band that sell a similar range of products use Gumtree to promote products in the free listings and also have Google or Bing Ads at the top.  The Gumtree listing is protected by Google as it carries lucrative adwords ... the advertisers pull the page up by using images from Ebay, Amazon or some other Search Engine protected site.  A good way to stop this would be to copy their images into your own site ... like here, but the images are actually loaded with tracing code - often damaging

Look at this site quickly.  http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-dome+shelter/k0  another way to see this in action is to call up dome shelters in any town or city.

Google Adwords Gang Spammers
If you have 20 companies selling the same product and you are related by church or family ... isn't it ok to put them all in the index, or a Google Adword?  No it's not, particularly if you are deliberately cross linking or pushing up the prices of the links to kick others out ...   They are even now using Google Adwords to advertise Dynamic websites  (these just call up the results again from Google and Bing again) with the added modification that favours Google Adsense listings to show up first.  why isn't it stopped?  If it wasn't for Google's unwaivering policy on honesty, I don't think I would still be on the web ....

It's because the Adwords system is outsourced, and likely to the same Trillion Dollar marketing organisation that gang spams through classified ads and news media.  These floated organisations have investors ... and is there any privilege in this?  You can bet your sweet bippy baby ...

The Spoofers

This is a disturbing new trend, it is the complete cloaking or modifying of the IP Address sometimes mixed with a few re-directions away from where the website is housed.  It cleverly hides any naughty work they may be doing in the background of their linkspam.  

I think the people who currently use this have wild spoofing parties to devise their schemes  ...  spoofed address IP can also include the IP address of a victim website, a telephone network or a search engine - hence the trap is set to block yourself from a key part of the web. 

Until the search engines outlaw this practice, and it may be technically impossible to write an algorithm to find the offending sites,  the only thing we can do is link, name and shame them.  It seems the trend is emanating from Chinese involved websites ... ah they are smart cookies, but need some guidance on rules.  

Frankly though, don't understand how the regular Joe Blow is meant to combat code writing hackers ... 

No 1:  http://www.cairnsandwoodward.co.nz/   Several IP Addresses are involved - all images are carefully cloaked so we can't see where they are, if you can figure it out, please tell me  same as torto.com.au.
No 2:  QuickSales   a cousin of ebay, gumtree, amazon and alibaba these mighty sites are beginning to use this technique a lot, and I would not have realised had they not targetted Splash with the IP of my office (isn't it always your enemies who teach the best lessons) not that this huge conglomerate can afford to break some rules.  It appears the group have set up a special security account to handle their IP Cloaking and Spoofing (of-course it's under the cause of Security) ... and now selling the concept to their users.  The Company listed on the site represents a product we rejected because it is very dangerous in Cyclone Regions.  Using the same system:
Newsmedia have their own IP Cloaking system and are getting involved in push up and pushing down indexes!  Thousands of newspapers in the world.  It's an Amazone of an idea.
They've toned it down and frankly have no purpose to rank so well but ... well Spiderman has gone (this is Adams insignia) but if you are using IP Utility tools this site and their clients are spoofing their IP's ... and it's likely to be the IP of the hosting service (or current VPN) you are using in the moment ... sneaky, but be careful you will block yourself!    Don't look at any invitations to download images or documents ... they are loaded.  These types of SEO hackers are similar to serial killers, they really want to be discovered ... 

These bad boys (and girls?) don't appear to have caught up with spoofing the ip address via Domaintools.com - so the investment is $99 a month ... and you will get an honest result for now ... (but not necessarily where the website resides)  -  Report them, it is cloaking.




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