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We spent much of 2015 developing relationships in the Middle East, Asia and China to spearhead a marketing exchange of products and services into these new markets.

In conjunction with our importing of Fabric Structures and Shelters, we are also actively pursuing other products for import/export e.g.:

Food Products
  • Boutique Cheese and Dairy
  • Meat & Poultry (including Halal)
  • Exotic Fruits and Vegetable (including dried/tinned)
  • Seafood Frozen/tinned (including Aquaculture)
  • Purified Water
  • Red Wine
  • Baby Foods (including organic)
  • Solar Technology
  • Pollution control
  • Entertainment
  • Communications
  • Furtilisers
  • Pesticides
  • Tourism
Please email Pauline Douglas on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with a brief outline of your concept, if you would like to explore marketing support on either a service or partnership basis.

Opinion on the future of Chinese Product Marketing

1. Slowing Economy 

The Chinese economy is slowing as a result of the world economy having slowed in the past 2 years.  Not everybody in the western world felt the full effects of the European recession, many economies were bolstered up by Government intervention, but those in mining and other regional primary industries took the full brunt.  Unfortunately in 2016 where we could normally expect an end to this quite normal economic cycle it will instead make it's way to many more sectors, and hold our economy in suspension for at least one more year, while we wait for China to recover from it's doldrums.  

This is the first Chinese business generation to experience the lulls of the typical Western 20-40 year economic cycle, and being the center of much of the worlds manufacturing this will be a difficult and shocking time for China, whom have only had the experience of a generation of massive growth and abundance. 

We are likely to witness some of China's major organizations, particularly those that rely on Western trade,  shrinking, failing and folding,  which will have a general domino effect within China and then the World.

2. Cautions

The most obvious caution will be that of dealing directly with China and paying for goods and services, as recessions bring about many accidental thieves and organized corruption increases.  Smart business will return to the use of Letters of Credit to protect investments from failure.

The Chinese as matter of desperation have already begun measures to market directly to global consumers. This will obviously cut out many of their former importing customers.

3. Benefits

Despite the shifting of marketing premise in China the general wealth of local middle class Chinese consumers will continue to grow.  A new understanding of pollution and toxicity, educated and affluent Chinese have lowered their trust in locally produced products, particularly food and beverage, so the import of clean foods will be on the rise.  Asia is also looking for new avenues for food products not wishing to source from China.

With the current Australian and Pacific currency now being so atrociously high, this is an opportunity to take back many manufacturing and production pursuits and market good quality items to this new consumer resource.

Opinion on the future of Arabic product marketing

The 50 year war has meant there has been very little local production in countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Iran which rely heavily on bringing products and services into the country from outside.  As the Chinese Yen increases in value,  other countries of the world have the opportunity to supply goods and services, particularly in the food. 

The availability of internet technology in the Middle East is still in it's infancy and will be a huge growth industry in the next 5 years, but the last decade has very much awakened an interest of the western model in the younger generation who embrace their computing and telecommunications as much as anyone in the European world.   The internet has the beneficial effect of merging ideals and we can expect to see a growing preference for peace and prosperity.




Peace For The East - Middle East Campaign

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