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Success Internet Marketing ~ Mines bigger than Yours!

 Success Internet Marketing

Article by MadamSplash in 2005

One has to sit back and marvel at just how far computer technology and the Internet have come in the last 30 years.  If you can remember having to dial into the individual search engines directly, then you've probably been involved with the internet as long as we have.

I recall back in mid 70's having coffee with a girl friend who was working with a pioneering technology company, who talked about a mysterious new service that they were launching called "E-mail".

At the time I was working with an Australian Computer firm that were serious contenders in the mad race to develop a broad-spectrum operating system that was going to revolutionize the use of p.c. computers for general use.  

We all know who won that race - Bill Gates and his Windows Product, which was the result of smart marketing, not necessarily a smarter operating system.  

Little did we realize the impact that this technology was going to have on all of our lives ... we were told it would save us time ...

At the time of the Splash Marketing inception the internet was well underway with 39 Million users already connected to the world wide web. It is now estimated that there will be 1.1 Billion users on the web by the end of this year.  

That is phenomenal growth by any business standard, but more importantly it is an indication that despite the many criticisms of the world wide web, it's popularity is growing.  A resource so large, it is enough to make any professional marketers' jaw drop, which is why key players have worked decades to find ways of harnessing the web.

The Internet can be an extraordinary and cost effective communication tool, if used properly.

Success Internet Marketing ~ By Jove I think they've GOT it!By Jove I think they've GOT It!

Take some time out from the internet industry for longer than a year, and waking up is a little like Rip Van Winkle, opening his eyes to a completely new age.  So many more technologies, some things have been improved, some have been made worse, but on the whole, it's looking good for internet users.

The search engines have finally come of age, to take control of the majority of useless spam materials that have pulverized the web for near on a decade.  We can now get down to using the Web to it's fullest and most integrous marketing potential.

Today we take for granted the fact that we can buy virtually every known retail product on the web. We can book our car rentals, motel accommodation and airline tickets on-line. Internet Banking is no longer a novelty but an essential time saving tool that we rely upon to conduct our everyday money transfer needs.  

Behind the scenes of these extraordinary websites, special internet marketing technology operates updating inventories;  scheduling orders; producing invoices, picking slips and delivery notes; right through to the man free compilation of financial information such as wages or profit and loss financial records.  

Organisations that have offices interstate and overseas can now communicate effortlessly with the ability to centralize many of their marketing and administrative functions.

A small business can save thousands of marketing dollars simply by emblazening their web address upon their vehicles, bill posters and advertisements. Customers can gain instant online information instead of waiting for a costly produced hard copy communication, that more often than not, will end up in the rubbish bin.  

Today's business executives will actually raise an eyebrow if you don't have a website!

Now Anybody Can Do It!

As a result of smarter WYSIWYG Web Design and content management packages, modifying web pages is becoming more in the reach of the average person, to the point that office assistants and executives can make instantaneous modifications to their website, without relying on a technology based web designer.

Which is the way it should be ... well at least for small websites!

Pretty Cool Hey!


One More Fat Bottom Internet Goddess!


Success Internet Marketing ~ An Article about the evolution of the Web by MadamSplash  (Historical Document)

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