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Marketing Scams & Spams What happened to Ethical Marketing Australia?


Marketing Scams & Spam


Article by MadamSplash


As a sales promotion and marketing professional of some thirty 30 years (OMG!),  sometimes I shudder with embarrassment to admit that I am.


Despite being the most important success science of modern Australian business, as a result of the misuse by marketing "cowboys", marketing has achieved a poor reputation with consumers.


Fair Suck-of-the-Sav!


Firstly it was the highly successful mail drop marketing system,  which remained a relatively unthreatening medium, until the onset of cheaper, speedier printing facilities, that boosted pamphlet production turnaround by about 10000%. 


The result was to be the merciless abuse of urban letterboxes, until finally somebody stood up and said "enough!".  Environmentally conscious consumers were outraged by the promotional waste. Ordinary citizens complained about being pulverized by advertising materials that they simply did not want.  


If you now take a suburban walk in any town, in any Australian city, you will be privy to how virtually 30% of consumers now protect their homes from unwanted advertising materials with a "Strictly No Promotional Materials" on their letter box.


Conduct your own pamphlet drop experiment to a large apartment block with over 100 letterboxes sometime, then hang around (not too suspiciously please) until the residents return home in the evening to check their boxes and witness the results. 


You may re-think the expense of a full on mail drop campaign.


Ring Ring - Why Don't you Buzz Off?


Then came Telemarketing, probably one of the most successful and enjoyable marketing mediums I have ever worked with.


Again the medium was to be taken up and abused by marketing consultancies who developed massive call centres that utilized ineffective, intrusive or poor quality telemarketers to bombard Australian homes and businesses.  


Nowadays most business owners operate "not available to telemarketers" policies, and home consumers actually compete with each other as to how rude or cruel they can be to an unsuspecting Telemarketer. 


I can hardly blame them.  


Then Along Came Spam.


It began with email. It was now possible to farm email addresses to send multiple marketing communications at the touch of a button. To this day we still receive thousands of Spam Emails, many with no sensible topic at all. There are spam catchers, but even these can block out authentic emails. 


I recall in my earlier days of internet marketing joining special sites where I could legitimately forward marketing emails, and would happily churn out around 5,000 emails in a night.  Until the ISP rang to tell me his server had fallen over, because it couldn't handle my SPAM.  


Accusing an honest marketer of being a spammer is a bit like calling them a pedophile, so I wasn't too impressed.  I (and the Splash domain) was promptly blocked from his server for an undeterminable period of time.


Unfair but understandable.


Search Engine Spammers


Then came the rush for prominence in search engine indexes. 


How often have you called up a keyword, clicked on the first few sites to be greeted by absolutely NOTHING at all?  Something like "would you like to advertise here" or "we currently have no listings - here is another list you can try"


Again, it was the Internet Marketing Cowboys keen to show off their search engine superiority (as opposed to brains) to use devious means to fool the search engines through the production of countless, useless pages and websites.  In some cases the results were not just first placing, but up to the first ten spots in the index.  


These web pages even showed up in keyword results that they don't even belong.  


Oh that was good for the internet's reputation!


Link To Me Oh Ghost Who Walks


Finally, came the link to me craze.


When it was suggested that the number of links you had pointing to your website was an indication of how popular your site was, the mad rush to get reciprocal links was on.


Naturally, along came John Wayne Technical Marketing Whiz who developed the program that would develop thousands (and I mean thousands!) of undetectable phantom links to your site.  


So just how many web pages are there on the internet really? 


The moral of this story about marketing scams and spam is this ... if you really believe you will win a potential customers trust by using pesty, wasteful, aggressive or devious means - you've got rocks in your head!


Every success! 

  Source: Pauline Douglas - Simply The Best At Internet Marketing

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Marketing Scams and Spam :: What happened to Ethical Marketing Australia? 

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