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Australian Relationship Marketing Australia An Article

RelationshipMarketing Australia

Article by MadamSplash

The science of sourcing and developing a customer base in Australia is called Relationship Marketing.

Relationship Marketing came about predominantly as a result of technological advancements that led to speedier manufacture and the drop in pricing of products and services.   At the same time technology resulted in faster, cheaper marketing communications,  which became so aggressive, consumers were literally swamped with sales information and opportunities.

Organisations recognized that they could no longer remain viable with a limited number of products or services to sellto customers. To compete effectively they would need to understand their client base better, so that they might produce goods and services that would be of interest to their target audience. 

What is more valuable than a newcustomer?

Arepeat customer!

Manufacturers were quick to take up the concepts of Relationship Marketing,  which is now mainstream for many products and services in Australia,   for example:

Software manufacturers maintain relationships with purchasers through "essential" upgrades. 

Play Box manufacturers produce relatively cheap games equipment, but capitalize on the repeat sales of new games.

Food manufacturers maintain a relationship by tapping into customers repetitive purchase patterns and by introducing new lines and brands.

Major automotive manufacturers maintain a relationship with customers through servicing and parts.

Selling focuses upon a product or service and seeks a target audience to sell it to  ...  

Relationship Marketing focuses upon the target audience and asks: 

  • What age are they; 

  • Where do they live;

  • What interests to they have;

  • What can they afford; 

  • What can be created to sell to them;

  • How can we keep them coming back?

Understanding the needs and desires of the target audience, puts the marketer into the drivers seat.

Relationship Marketing Lingo:

Selling- The promotion of a product or service.

Up Selling - The promotion of an upgraded, better or more expensive product or service to that initially enquired about.

Cross Selling - The promotion of additional products and services that can be added to or improve the initial sale. E.g. Software Upgrades.

What about Businesses that only have one key service or product?

A dedicated service provider such as therapists, professional or other practitioners can boost their business opportunities by incorporating relationship marketing. 

For example:

A Hairdresser could capitalize on customer relationships by maintaining a record of a customers contact details and future needs. A mailed (or emailed) newsletter could be sent offering attractive incentives to return to the salon. 

Cross Selling could be achieved through advance booking incentives and the sale of hair products.

When launching or re-launching products or services, Relationship Marketing should be taken into consideration for future success.

Source:  Pauline Douglas - Relationship Marketing


Relationship Marketing Australia An article about developing relationships.

Relationship Marketing Australia An article about developing relationships.

Relationship Marketing Australia An article about developing relationships.

Relationship Marketing Australia ~ An article about developing relationships.

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