Procrastination ~ An Article About Why We Procrastinate and How To Overcome It



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Procrastination An article about why we procrastinate and how to overcome it.



Article by MadamSplash

Everybody suffers from procrastination at some stage in their life. 


It's as if invisible chains hold us back from that which we know we should do, but for whatever reason, we don't... or at least, we wait until the very last moment.  


Powerful people learn to overcome their procrastination traits, because  procrastination destroys our reputation of trust and reliability. To accomplish this however, we must first understand what procrastination actually is.


The most common forms of procrastination for most of us might be:


Starting a task ...  Completing a task ...   Arriving on time ...  Saving Money ...  Following through ...  Paying Bills ... Packing In Smoking ... Losing Weight ...  Getting Fit ...  Exiting A Relationship ...


When procrastination occurs in our life it means we are dealing with a personal rebellion against a dominating expectation.  


If you were a kid like most kids, odds are you were placed in situations where you "Had to make the bed", or "Had to do the chore", or "Had to brush your teeth", and if you didn't there would be some sort of consequence to deal with. So you dragged yourself off reluctantly to do what you Had to do, but inside there was a distinct dislike, maybe even rebellion towards the task at hand. 


The stronger the push ... the greater the resistance.


If you are now an adult like most adults, odds are if you are confronted by a similar situation today, where somebody vehemently expects you to do something, you'll wait, and wait, and wait until the very last minute ... just to dominate them back.


Procrastination is where we have unwittingly regressed back to a child like rebellion against a fictitious domination, in other words our "inner child" is extending a large fat finger back to the expectation at hand ... 


A very common cause of procrastination can be fear ... fear of real or imaginary consequences, fear of rejection, fear of being wrong ...etc.


So ask yourself, who suffers the most from the emotional and respect penalties of procrastination? 


You got it - Numero Uno!  Our self.


The First Step to alleviating procrastination is a mental journey back to our childhood to identify the dominators, (Mum, Dad Siblings and School etc) who helped us develop our intolerence of expectation.  


The Second Step  is observing and identifying where the trait shows up in our life, and taking charge of our reluctance response.  


Get in touch with your self talk and feelings, and when you become aware of that  "Hey let's do it later" tug on your sleeve (which is often accompanied by a pit in the stomach), pointedly state to yourself "Do It Now! "  


After all you will never change what you are prepared to tolerate.


It's a simple as that ... and everybody admires someone who is on the ball.


Keep this in mind when you're raising you're kids too!


Every Success.



Source:  Pauline Douglas > Time Intelligence



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Procrastination ~ An Article About Why We Procrastinate and How To Overcome It

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