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MadamSplash.  The Internet nom de plume of Pauline Douglas

WhoIs MadamSplash?

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MadamSplash, aka (Internet Nom de Plume)  Pauline Douglas is an Australian Promoter, (Internet) Marketing Professional and Inspirational Trainer who presently lives between Sydney, New South Wales and Hervey Bay, Queensland. 

Pauline has been self employed since the age of 23 spending much of that time in marketing and business development pursuits. MadamSplash has assisted the launch of more than 2000 products and services, and as a pioneer of internet technology is competent in network engineering, SQL programming,  telecommunciations technology and internet marketing.


1983-1991 Pauline was a key player in the Australian Sales Promotional Industry and co-founded two major Promotional Companies operating in Melbourne, Sydney then eventually the four states of Australia. 

1991 - to 1998. Pauline switched to technological marketing and entertainment promoter - Splash was formed to become the marketing arm of the Australite Marketing Group.  Businesses comprised of Australite Combined Transport,  Splash Events & Entertainment and Splash Marketing.  In those years Splash marketed and produced a number of entertainment initiatives (fashion, theatrical, stage). 

On a more technological level Splash assisted the introduction of Database Marketing Products into Australia, which later became the advancement of the first turn key CMS (content management systems) solutions.  This included the development of a small technological telemarketing Centre in Sydney and the development of websites.

Pauline relocated to Tropical Queensland between 1998 and 2010 to partner with David Burston, a person whom she met online through RSVP in the experimental stages of the website.    Based in Cairns, she worked upon the business development and marketing pursuits for various Splash Marketing projects that included White Label Internet Dating Sites, Pacific Aquaculture (Tuna), Inspirational Training, Graphical/Web Design Studios, Marketing Services and Reseller Fabric Structures.


Instead she focused upon the development the Splash Business Group Pty Ltd across Australia, which incorporated Splash Structures,  Splash Media Design and Flair Web Design (Sydney Melbourne Brisbane and Adelaide). 

Pauline now heads Splash Marketing Technology Pty Ltd and has returned to the marketing and development of her own product lines ... 2013 has seen the release of her own brand of shade structures (Arch Shelter) and temporary buildings (Splash Structures). 

All Studio activities have been wound down to manage a small number of existing clients.  Until further notice MadamSplash is retired from technology!

Stay tune....


MadamSplash with David Burston and a BIG tuna MadamSplash in Bourbon Street New Orleans - before the tragedy

MadamSplash dancing with Tina Turner.

Madam Splash with Bob Scheinfeld in Charlottesville.
Aidan ~ MadamSplashes Grandson ~ A little man that changed her life. MadamSplash takes a moment to raise her hand

Promotional Shot - We never look like this in real life.

Never contract with lies or deceit,

you will be partnering with your own demise.

If you fail but learn, you are a winner.


Who is Madam Splash?

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