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Article by MadamSplash

The Entertainment industry is one that has taken full advantage of the internet as an effective marketing tool.


Internet Marketing combines the essence of traditional marketing mediums such as sales promotion, graphic design, creative writing, advertising, relationship marketing, loyalty marketing, direct marketing with web design and email.  


Internet Marketing can also be used to fully integrate other marketing operations within an entertainment business, such as online bookings, inventory updates, schedules, ticketing, seating, transportation, distribution, freight, and financial management.


Today we take for granted the fact that we can buy virtually every known retail product on the web. We can also book our cinema tickets, theatre tickets, car rentals, motel accommodation and airline tickets on-line utilising instantaneous ecommerce. 


Internet Banking is no longer a novelty but an essential time saving tool that we rely upon to conduct our everyday money transfer needs.  


Splash Marketing is available to support large and small entertainment producers and marketers with entertainment web design and internet marketing.


We can design effective web pages, presentations and internet marketing campaigns for the following entertainment industries:


Music   Restaurants   Holidays   Cinema's   Theatre   Film   Television  Actors   Extra's  Models   Singers    Groups   Shows   

Recording Studios  Entertainers  Entertainment Venues Festivals

Games   Casinos   Travel and Tourism   Special Events


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Entertainment Marketing Internet Promoters Australia

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