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Inspiration Motivation and Business Articles with MadamSplash

Inspirational Articles


The Power of Affirmations

An Article about the power of affirmations and autosuggestion, and a few useful techniques

The Power and Danger of Belief Systems

An article about how our Belief Systems can benefit or destroy our lives.

Farewell The Competitor

An article about winning, losing and how to eliminate failure.

Do It Anyway

A special and inspiring Poem written by Mother Theresa.

The Art of Detachment ~ Letting Go of Domination

Do you have a dominating personality?  You might be surprised.  This article discusses the 10 Styles of Domination.

Do You Voodoo?

An article about negative intuition and the unseen forces that affect our relationships.

The Hoax ~ An Article about Empowerment

An inspiring story told by Brian Tracy of a psychological hoax that was pulled off in an American School in the 70s, with astonishing results.

Leadership is a Perception

An article about the difference between a park dweller and billionaire.

Laws of Attraction

Article about how we attract the good, the bad and the ugly into our lives.

Tall Poppy ~ Are You A Legend In Your Own Mind?

An article about self importance and tall poppy syndrome.  Interesting leadership article.

Knock Knock ~ An Ode to Australian Knockers

An article about the great Australian trait of knocking, where it came from and what we can do about it.

A Dynamic Problem Solving Technique

Another simple problem solving technique that could save your sanity, inspired by a great American inspirator.


An article about procrastination and why it occurs, then how to climb out of the black hole.

Developing Self Esteem through Honesty

All humans tell lies on some level.  An article about breaking free of the childhood holds of dishonesty for success.

Sheep Factors

A leadership article about interdependence and mob dynamics.

The "F" Word

An article about failure; how Australians deal with failure and the wisdom of failure. 


An invaluable group of wisdom sayings from Mahatma Gandhi, one of India's most prominent politicians and spiritual leaders.

Free Programs

The 7 Factors of Achievement

The seven key characteristics of a successful life.

Inspiration Motivation Articles.  A collection of inspirational and motivational articles and links by MadamSplash.

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