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It's just AMAZING how the World Wide Web has now been operational for more than 35 years ... Did you know that:

  • The current world population is estimated to be approximately 7.35 billion.
  •  It was is also estimated that just under 3.8 Billion internet users are online now.
  • There were 40 Million when we began. 

What is Marketing Anyway?

Marketers are the Movers, the Shakers and Propulsion of great products and services.

A product or service cannot achieve GREATNESS without the science of Sales and Marketing behind it.  Marketers are the tactitions that have the knowledge and experience to plan and apply a winning formula to any new or existing innovation. 

Marketing does not just include the selling cycle. If used correctly, it is also the squeezing of additional profits from cost savings and value added lines, cross sales product development, repetitious campaigning, cost controlled manufacture and logistics.

There has to be somebody bouncing around with the passion, belief and courage THAT it takes to be the front runner into unchartered territories and an unwaivering champion of great ideas and innovations.

That my friend is the marketer ... and we are Ethical Marketers

Please enjoy your stay with Splash today! 

Your Host ... MadamSplash   

Awesome changes are on their way!  

Hey: Could you live on Mars?

NASA is on a journey to Mars in preparation for sending humans on their first big mission to Mars within the next 20 years, and they plan to sustain themselves when they get there, and find what they need to return.  Scientists believe it will only take 10-15 years to trigger an atomosphere up there!  

Google It!

It's more important than we realise. The Earths population is scheduled to double by 2100, which is almost unthinkable, unless we can adapt.  Moving to a new space frontier would be a good solution ... bet the mining industry is thinking about that already.  

What will we do when Planet 9 (and all the other orbs) are finally found ... are you ready for the new knowledge and inevitable changes coming ...

The human race has the intelligence and technology to adapt to anything that will be put to us, including the pitiful problems we have created for our own and other species, so let's embrace it and heal it.   

We want to be with those innovations ... every step of the way!

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