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Its just AMAZING how the World Wide Web has now been operational for more than 35 years ... a whole new generation has made it their own, as if it was always in existence ...  but it is really only in the 15 years that the internet has become a marketing force to be reckoned with.  

This site contains material that dates back to 1995, an awful lot of it!  Some of it is now totally useless ... and much of it is the results of years of experimentation in SEO, but we will leave it there as a museum piece until it is no longer readable ...  just so you can see how far we, and the internet, have come.  

  One year younger than Yahoo 

     One year older than Google!  

Those who got online at about the same time as we did, had the privilege to watch the internet emerge to become an immense, powerful communications tool,  that now embraces the entire planet.  

In that time we've helped many clients and partners tap into this remarkable source,  for wealth and success that many never imagined possible ... 

Splash.net.au hung up it's mouse as a Media Services Agency in 2010.  Splash now uses our knowledge to focus upon the development of our own group of businesses, which range from aircraft hangars to mining shelters; sports stadiums to airships; food products to portable structures.


Please enjoy your stay with Splash today!

Your Host ... MadamSplash

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    Did You Know  ....

  • That the majority of Web Design and SEO specialists are now based in India, even Google uses their services.
  • The current world population is estimated to be 7.35 billion.  It was estimated that there where 3.04 billion users of the internet in July 2014, considering 1 Billion new users arrived in 2012/2014 alone due to improvements in telephone internet technology, it is likely that there are currently just under 3.8 Billion internet users online now.
  • There were 40 Million when we began. 
"Simply The Best at Internet Marketing" is a free online web marketing program that MadamSplash has updated since 2000.   This will return soon.




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